Friday, June 13, 2008


School buses are a fact of life around here. In fact, we are very glad to see the long suffering school bus driver, because in LA we had to drive our kids to school, then turn around in the afternoon and fetch them home; it was a disaster when one got out 2 hours before the other. In Brooklyn, our commute was an hour or more on the subway, sandwiched by a long hike between home/subway and subway/school. Juliet's legs, at 5, were still too short to do it handily, and I found myself dragging her up and down the subway stairs at rush hour every day, loathe to buy another stroller and drag it up and down the subway stairs, too. (For a while we used one abandoned on the street.) It took us hours each day just to get the kids to school. Lots of days, when my oldest was home schooling, we never went home in the intervening hours, as that was one more trip.
Anyway, the school buses here in the country mow. One was roaring down some country road this morning and mowed down a turkey, which flew up to try and beat it, but not fast enough - its head got lodged in the bus grill, and when the 149 bus came tearing into Chatham High School parking lot, there was this turkey dangling by its neck off the grill, the way truck drivers mount a dead teddy bear for their mascot.
I'm sure my eyes bugged out as I stared at it, trying to figure out what happened, and I could've died, though from laughing or crying, I'm not sure. I hope the driver unhooked it and took it home as her just desserts.


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